I contacted Daisuki JDM after hearing some great things about their personal JDM import service. Daisuki JDM worked tirelessly to get what I wanted. We went through hundreds of cars, some I would have happily bought, but Daisuki's team on the ground in Japan found the faults that put me off.
The whole process was handled in the best possible manner. I was never in doubt about at any stage, with what was involved in getting my FD2 onto my driveway.
Daisuki found me a gem and likewise, Daisuki is a gem itself.
I can't recommend Daisuki enough to people. I am one of their biggest fans.
Thank you for everything Daisuki!

- Sanjay Gohil

Amazing service , would recommend to anyone. From start to finish the staff was so helpful. 5 star service

- Chris Lawrence

Bought a lovely Toyota Alphard , from Daisuki JDM very good service. Highly recommended

- Billy Lee

I purchased a Honda Integra DC5 Type R from Daisuki JDM after hearing a few great things. It is very hard for a new company to come on board the importing market when there are other companies out there but let me tell you one thing, Daisuki JDM have gone the extra mile for me on this, and will become one of the leading importers in the UK!

The communication with them is like on tap. Dipesh is a very great, knowledgeable guy who has a passion for these cars. He will not import anything that isn't to his standard, and that is very high!!

I've been the most happiest with my purchase, and one main thing is that they are based in the Midlands, the centre of the country, easily accessible from each corner of the UK.

He gave me the car like it was fresh out the showroom, assisted me with what I needed to do and also gave me all the backing documents, and more. He has helped me further along when it came to buying aftermarket parts for the car and also fitting them, with his own hands to make sure it's done properly!!!

I am telling anyone who is reading this review, you will have the same experience as his passion their imports is out of this world.

If I was to import another vehicle, he would be first on my list to contact.

- Daniel